Now, in a chat with Kemi Filani, Samuel has revealed more details about their relationship, and how he fell in love with her.
Samuel says he fell in love with her “out of sumpathy” after seeing her pictures on social media. He also disclosed that, although his mother is not in support of the relationship, but he’s planning on marrying her.
About him, he said
I am Samuel Donald Etim, i’m from Ini LGA of Akwa Ibom state, I’m learning photography and i live in Eket.
On how he met Esther and what attracted him to her, he said:
I met her on social media, and to be sincere I was so sympathetic we got to know ourselves then I got to like her, i fell for her after knowing her well in person
Any Challenges?
Yes my friends are kinda laughing, my mom just saw it and she has no idea that we are dating she’s giving me advice to be careful
Do you see any future with her?
Yes, and i am so certain! I’m praying God should give me the grace. And my mom is not in support of it…