The former beauty queen who had earlier stated that she was forced into the act and later claimed she was blackmailed has in a recent interview with Channels TV said she could never trust anyone again following what she had encountered.
Chidinma Okeke, 20, while speaking during the interview and how she was able to handle and sail through the storm said: “I was able to heal with the help of God and my family. I talked to myself because I know I had so much to give out there.
“I was surrounded with people that were encouraging me to move on with what I wanted to do and not give up on my dreams and I took their advice. Now I am a stronger and better person.”
She further added that she released a music single titled ‘Friends’ as a reminder of her ordeal.
“What inspired the song was after the whole crisis, the incident was centralised on friends so I thought to do music about the whole stuff(incident) and that is how friends came about.
“Where I am now, I live my life and I have actually healed but I am still having trust issues anyway but whatever you are going through in life just look on the bright side because in every storm there is always hope.
“It is in our stormy periods God intervenes and opens doors for us so never lose hope and never give up on yourself.”