In the concluding part of her interview with Thenetng she said, ‘Chime was not that kind of person. I have seen addicts and I know how they act…My brother or Dj Olu were definitely not addicts. You see, addicts are always fidgeting, their account of what they do is not constant. Chime was always coherent. 
  I never suspected his moves because he confided in me. So how would they say he overdosed on drugs? Nobody is asking for the name of the place they went to eat, neither are they asking if he was poisoned. I am convinced that this was a case of poisoning or sabotage, because I know my brother.’
She continued to say, ‘my belief is that it was something connected to his business. Her and Olu were negotiating a deal with the Oyo State Government and he had just arrived from Ibadan. The person who reviewed the CCTV footage told us they saw someone drop something in their car and the person left. They should tell us who that person is’ .