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When a Yoruba gentleman marries his Igbo princess: Ogochukwu and Abiodun’s Love Story is Just Beautiful! (Photos)

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Here’s a Beautiful story we saw on Bellanaija, about two love birds, of different Ethnicity. The Bride is Igbo, while the Husband is Yoruba.
Ogochukwu met Abidoun through a mutual friend at university. They chatted for sometime and lost touch because of her busy school schedule.
Years would pass before the couple would meet at a convocation party, fall in love and finally decide it was time to begin their forever journey together.
“…he patiently waited for me for years while I played busy till I went to him myself.” – Ogochukwu
Here is a little back story on how they met.
How We Met
By the bride — Ogochukwu
One night, I was in my hostel when a friend called my phone. He wanted to obtain my permission to give out my mobile number to someone who had asked.
“Who?” I asked.
“His name is Biodun” he said
I had a vague recollection of him as the brother of a friend I went to church regularly with. I was quite pleased that he had the manners to insist I gave my permission first. I did not tarry with granting it
“Sure” I replied.
Biodun and I started chatting everyday, sending text messages back and forth and somewhere in my head, I thought I was giving him nerd tips on how to make female friends, oblivious to the fact that I was the fish.
He would send flash messages and texts and I always looked forward to them, they were usually pretty entertaining and educative.
However, for some twisted reason, I never saved his number. I enjoyed seeing his number whenever I got a message from him, it gave me a strange pleasure as opposed to seeing his name.
That way, I did not have to pick up my phone and reach out first and whenever I forgot to respond to his flash messages, reaching him was not possible. It was my subconscious, playing hard to get.
Soon after, my replies got fewer because I got very busy with school as my department was not to be toyed with.
Naturally, the frequency of his own messages dropped, he only reached out once in a blue moon and I had respond for a bit and then disappear as usual.
On his sister’s graduation day, it struck me that he would be around so I looked for her.
“What of Biodun?” I asked
She directed me to where I had find him. So my friends and I carried our Convocation food and drinks hunt to his location. I was a bit hurt he didn’t tell me he was going to be there but I was glad to see him.
“Have you guys eaten? He asked.
We kept smiling at each other.
“Yes” I replied.
He offered us some more drinks. I thanked him and we continued our hunt at the next available canopy. Later on, he told me he was surprised I had looked for him and that urged him on.
One day, almost a year after the convocation, he reached out and we chatted for a bit. Again, I ran off, promising to get back to him later as I had my project defence the next day.
To his surprise and ultimately mine, I sent him a text when I was leaving school the next day and we ended up chatting till I got to Lagos. We made arrangements to meet at a mutual friend’s party that evening. I got there before him and had to deal with conversations I wasn’t interested in having. The minute I saw him walk in, fully dressed in his riding gear, I was filled with admiration and joy, my Knight in not so shiny armour had come to my rescue.
From that moment, I enjoyed every moment talking to him. That for me was the beginning.
He patiently waited for me for years while I played busy till I went to him myself.

When a Yoruba gentleman marries his Igbo princess: Ogochukwu and Abiodun’s Love Story is Just Beautiful! (Photos) Reviewed by Nonso Media on 08:40 Rating: 5

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