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Americans blasts Mercy Johnson for using the wrong emoji to console a bereaved American mother, She responds.. Nigerians reacts

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Americans blasts Mercy JohnsonYesterday, we brought you reports about a mother who lost her 3-year-old son, after he battled with a stage-4 lung cancer on Friday.
Condolence messages from folks on Social Media, flooded her page, one of which is Nigerian Actress, Mercy Johnson, who innocently consoled with her.. But then, she was met with backlash from Americans.
Mercy Johnson wrote on the grieving mother’s page; “I am so sorry… may you heal…😍😍😍😍 you taught me so much”
Immediately, she dropped her condolence message, she was quickly called out by Americans.. They claim she used the wrong emoji to console with the bereaved mother. They say the “Love Struck”, emoji is a flirtatious one, and can’t be used to console someone who’s mourning.
“This is not just appropraite, why flirt with a grieving mother, with the lovestruck emoji?”, an Instagram user wrote to the actress,
“@mercyjohnsonokojie honey who in their right mind uses a smilin hear eyes emoji when telling someone condolences for their sons death? That’s so immature and flippant. You use emojis when flirting not when sending condolences. I seriously cannot believe you did that. That’s just f-cking disgusting and so insensitive it blows my mind.”, An american @resting_betch_face wrote to the actress
Another user, based abroad wrote; “Mercy I love you but not the emoji’s may his soul rip”
Another disgusted user wrote: “@mercyjohnsonokojie you black sl-t, why are you sending flirtatious emojis. F–king w–ker go s-ck yo dads d-ck”
Another user wrote; “@mercyjohnsonokojie the thing is it’s not about us. We’re here to send our condolences… imagine a grieving mother who has just lost her first child through a long term disease? What would her feeling be if she saw love heart eyes under a condolence message? Wouldn’t she feel heartbroken? 😔 If you’re gonna send a condolence message, send it properly… jheez”
The actress immediately apologized after seeing the feedback she got from folks.. She wrote; “I am so Sorry Friends…please.i meant well but related wrongly..please we all feel bad for this loss.i am so Sorry Friends…i am truly..”
Then, she was praised for owing up to her mistake, and apologizing..
simplebennie wrote: “@mercyjohnsonokojie it okay sis the most important thing is we understand your message. Rip to the little soul. only God can console his mother”
david_dvg wrote to the actress; “Rip to #ayden may his soul rest in perfect peace, @mercyjohnsonokojie I understand u are trying to cheer her up, with a Lovely smileys, but it was gotten wrong….. 😭🤕R.I.P.. Only God understand…. All”
Nigerians have since reacted, see some comments below;
elle_hotstuff wrote: I don’t think sending love emoji to her after the loss is bad tho, the bereaved mother still get strenght to fight online with someone? Social media sha. Mercy was just sending her love to you.

 Who is that fool calling her a black …..I don’t think you have a mum or sister ,that’s so wrong ,the insult was way too much ‘have some sense man .
vinadocci: Americans are always bitter.that’s why queer things happen to them…mtcheeww
olubukolamoyo: People she meant no harm. But that insult was just too much. Which one is go suck dad dick. That guy is insane and very stupid
queen__cruxifizo: See how humble she sounds cos Na Americans tackle her…if Na naija now she go clapbk like fire..Na wa
okaoguvictoria26: Social media rats they understand these emojis better than those who created them cos that’s all life is to them. PhD holders in interpreting emojis #ihail
deniyanda: She obviously dint use the emoji intentionally na.. Her phone could have done that mistakenly, nawa for ppl, all that abuse say wetin..
saltwariso: So why all the insult? People just like to take out their frustration on others.
saltwariso: Understanding is fucking key menh. (😍😍😍you taught me so much) what emoji was she to use to appreciate someone who inspired her. SMH to dumb people forming smart.
akuagwujoy: Abeg make unable park well Jor! Are we to go back to school and learn emoji as a subject? Sometimes we just want to use them without really knowing the meaning behind it.. It was a honest mistake we all do it all the time. Please give her a break.
braidsjunkie: Foolish Americans,very quick to insult,I think Anita Joseph should learn from @mercyjohnsonokojie because this is the real illustration of maturity

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